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We’re PCSing

We recently found out we are PCSing. Which in terms of living the military lifestyle wouldn’t be so unusual, except up until about 2 months ago thought we would be retiring.  I began to notice as the time ticked closer to “the date”, the detailer periodically would tempt DH with a few different jobs.  Something that I imagine went like this: (since of course I only got one side of the story)

Detailer:  So, are you SURE you want to retire. I have a hot fill set of orders.  They are to Iraq, but think of the extra money you’ll make.

DH:  No thanks

Detailer:  You know, the (SSGN XYZ) has a spot open….they do cool stuff.  Sure you want to retire?  Port calls….new platform….etc…

DH:  Yes, um well tell me more…

Detailer:  Um, well as much as I’d love to send you there….what I really need is someone to go the (SSN ABC) as soon as possible, it’s a great boat, (insert all the AMAZING things that might tempt any red blooded Sailor who has been on shore duty way to long….)

DH:  Let me talk to my wife…

Wife:  What?!

DH:  Well, they really need someone, it’s a hard to fill billet…. (at this point all I hear is 6 month deployments vs the sweet life of 3 month deployments on a Boomer)….blah blah blah

Wife:  Seriously?!

I think I am still saying that….

…even after much prayer and thought.

At present our lives have shifted 180 degrees.  As of about two weeks ago we officially have orders.  Instead of planning a retirement ceremony, I’m now planning house hunting leave.

I’m not sure how all this is going to workout, but what I do know it is going to be a crazy summer.  It’s hard to believe we moved here four years ago. That’s a long time in military time, just ask any milspouse. I was beginning to get very comfortable here, but now our worlds are about to get shaken upside down.

A few Good, Bad and Ugly parts of PCSing

The Good:
The chance of course to get rid of all things I haven’t used in the past 2 years….lets not get crazy, I still might need college text books.
House shopping
The adventure of a discovering a new place

The Bad:
Having to design my house to sell vs designed to live (that means no stationary bike in the living room)
Selling a house in a not so great housing market
Figuring out my job situation
Garage sale(s)
Having to find my new favorite places (i.e. hairstylists, Chinese food / take out place)
No more Corky’s
The actual “moving day”

The Ugly:
Saying good bye to friends and neighbors, this part is never ever easy.
Organizing and getting ready for the move.

Oh, and I forgot to mention 3 job offers have come through since our orders have arrived and one was A-MAZ-ING, leaving us both to wonder if this was the best decision.  We are stepping out in faith.  *Deep Breath*

I’m trying to wrap my brain around our change of course.  I’m concentrating / trying to take comfort in the fact there will be thousands of military families like mine PCSing this summer.  Let the adventure begin….for all of us!

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