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Arlington Wreath Project

Remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.


Decorating Inspiration

I’m in the process of trying to get inspiration for decorating my bathroom. I figured I need to start somewhere, so literally I have picked the smallest room in the house. I discovered the Rate my Space section on HGTV and have found lots of amazing, talented people who are really creative. Here a couple of photos that I liked.

Love the shelves in this bath

Love the chair rail / paneling effect in this example

This is Joey’s Bathroom, the “most viewed” bathroom on Rate My Space. This is a great photo, if you follow the link you will see the before picture. Great use of color and unique tile with an amazing sink.

So many choices and ideas swirling around in my head. *sigh*

Bathroom decorating Part 2 coming soon.

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Still here


NYC Empire State Building

I’m still here….after a couple of months hiatus.

Lots of photos to load that include my recent trip to NYC. It’s hard to believe summer is gone and fall is here. The leaves on the tree in front of my house are already starting to fall. Before long we will be in peak season. We are planning on going back to the Smokey Mountains to see the fall colors and I can’t wait.

Tomorrow is Friday….yeah….the weekend is fast approaching. We have soccer and soccer pictures, plus church and hopefully I’ll be picking out some paint colors. 🙂

Olympics and my DVR

I’m doing my best to keep up with all the Olympic events this week, but my DVR is quickly filling up. Everytime I seem to catch up, another 4 hours or 3 hours of programming is taped. I picked the “all” option, so things are taping at 2am.

I have to say I enjoy watching the diving, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, soccer…..and I’m looking forward to the track and field events. Ok….about the only thing I haven’t enjoyed watching was the strange equestrian event where the horse trotted around with a rider dressed in a big top hat.

Like all of America we have fallen in love with Michael Phelps. The 4×100 relay, beating the French has be on my favorite highlights of the games thus far.

I normally watch Army Wives on Sunday nights, its still sitting in my DVR along with a few episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8, I’m hoping I don’t have to delete them to make room for more of the Olympics.

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my dad and my wonderful husband.

I only have one living Grandfather, so I must say Happy Fathers Day to him as well.  I am very close to my grandpa and wish we lived closer!

Today DH had one of his buddies stop by overnight.  He just got home from Afghanistan (where they met) and he is driving cross country.  We are one of his stops.  They are on the porch hanging out and smoking cigars happy as clams.

Tonight I have my DVR taping Design Star and Army Wives.

We grilled steaks tonight, leave it to me to go shopping today for the steaks.  The commissary was completly out of rib-eyes….we had to go to Walmart.

Here’s the latest post I made over at the mymilitarylife blog.  It has a unique article from USA Today talking about male mil-spouses. 

In other news, LilK’s soccer camp finished last week.  It was a grueling week, plus we were a host family for the British soccer coach.  The camp was put on by Challenger Sports with all British coaches. 

Ok Design Star is about over, so I can watch it fast forwarding through the commercials.  *Cheers*


Hydrangea from the backyard

See more photos on my new post at

Do you really think we’ll see a bear?!

We have been on a much needed vacation.  We picked the Smoky Mountains and stayed in a 2 bedroom condo that was nestled in the mountains about 30 min. from anything.

Our first day in the mountains included sightings of 2 deer, 1 raccoon and 1 bear. We had a picnic lunch, hiked to a waterfall, had a cold beverage at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg and I did not check my email once.

I used my little iFlip to video all sorts of stuff and just figured out how to upload them to YouTube.  I like the iFlip because it is so easy to use and download the video vs. have mini DVDs everywhere and never actually watching the videos.  I plan to upload several more videos, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page and you’ll get an email when a new video is posted.  (I think that is how it works!)

I finally figured out how to post on YouTube…..our first “upload”….how cool!


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