Robin Williams and Lance Armstrong land in Kabul on USO Tour

Update 12/25/07: The husband had hoped to see this show, but due to fog it was canceled. He was very disappointed as were the thousands of others waiting in anticipation. But who can control the weather. I did find a you tube clip of Robin Williams’ “bit” from a previous stop in Iraq, but it is so R rated / offensive that I wont even post it here. I’m afraid that the husband would have been more disappointed. Too bad Robin W. didn’t just stick to impersonations and the such. Oh well….hopefully more USO tours will stop in Afghanistan.

From Sand to Snow….the USO Holiday Tour lands in Afghanistan

From the Boston Herald

….Armstrong, a seven-time winner of the Tour de France, told the soldiers that the entertainers had gotten stuck in Tikrit, Iraq because of a sandstorm and had to bunk in the same room. Black started snoring 60 seconds after the lights were turned out, Armstrong said.

“Then Robin was above me snoring so all night I was punching the bunk trying to get him to stop,” he said.

After winning the world’s most prestigious bike race seven times in a row, Armstrong said he was the most hated man in France. He then said he didn’t think “there’s that many French people around here anyway” — a statement that could be interpreted as a dig at the French military, which is stationed in the relatively peaceful north of Afghanistan.

Armstrong later said he walked offstage and promptly ran into several French soldiers.

Williams, a USO veteran making his fourth trip to Afghanistan, told the soldiers he woke up on Thursday in the desert sands of Iraq and closed out his day with snow in Kabul. “From sand to snow, mother nature is having hot flashes.”

Then he, too, took a dig at the French.

“They’re the only people who go into combat wearing a chef’s hat. It’s amazing,” he said.

Among the many soldiers in the crowd wearing wide smiles on their faces was Lt. Col. Larry Terranova.

“Afghanistan is sometimes called the forgotten war and we don’t get a lot of attention here and conditions are pretty miserable so it means a lot,” said Terranova, 48, who is based out of Fort Sill, Okla.

He said he would miss his four children and four grandchildren over the holidays.

Williams, Armstrong and company have already performed in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan and will perform in Kyrgyzstan and Europe before returning home.


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