The Christmas Box

(Disclaimer – if this is my husband reading this, you might want to look away.)

I really tried to be creative this year and send unique things and/or consumable items since what ever he ends up with over there has to be shipped home. I know they all they say, “Oh, Im fine…you don’t need to send anything special”…but we all know that is nonsense!

Here is what I sent:

4467l.jpg1. Beagle named MissChief (pronounced Mischief) from Build-a-Bear. I know he is going to get razzed about this one, but I thought it would be cute since he LOVES his beagles. The trick was they don’t have him in the stores, so I had to order him online. We had him shipped un-stuffed and “brought him to life” in the store. Who knew you could do that?! I also recorded our pups howling, and if you’ve ever heard a beagle howl, you know it is unique sound. The pups howling plays on one paw, while a personal message from LilK and me plays on the other paw. (to give him a sleeping partner)

2. Some dark chocolate chunk, banana and mocha peanut butter from pbloco. I’ve never ordered from this place before, so I hope it’s good. (for a yummy treat)

3. A U of Memphis Tigers Hoodie (this team is Hot, and they are our local team, plus BigK likes them)

4. Lone Survivor book by Marcus Lutrell (for some perspective)

5. and some other treat stuff, homemade Christmas sugar cookies, mini Christmas tree, along with photos and a video. (love in a box)

I think that’s it…..I threatened to send the latest Celine Dion CD, but in the end didn’t. ha!

It was really hard to decide, since he did not provide any direction. I can’t wait to read the Lone Survivor book (this is sort of a Homer gift), so I’ve requested on the packing slip he send it off to me when he is finished.

Christmas shopping was very different this year. It was a little depressing not being able to even look at sweaters, jackets, watches, shoes, jeans, video games, or tickets to events we could go to together……I never realized it would be like this. On a patrol, you can buy just about anything for them and soon enough they will be home to enjoy it. It didn’t make sense to me to buy a nice shirt or sweater since it he won’t be home until next fall. Such a strange set of circumstances. To think Army deployments (and some Navy IA’s) are 18 months. 18 months!!

If you were like me looking and searching for the perfect things to send to your deployed honey, a big *virtual hug*, since I know it was not fun. Even if we did choose this life, sometimes the reality just isn’t that pretty. Here’s to their safe and fast return, may the time fly past! *Cheers*


2 Responses to “The Christmas Box”

  1. 1 Samantha 17 December, 2007 at 9:59 am

    Thanks for the great PB link. I do a LOT of baking with peanut butter, will have to give some of these a go!

  2. 2 Ann M. 17 December, 2007 at 10:25 am

    It sounds like you did a great job. I think he’ll love the puppy!

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