LIVE from the Quarterdeck of the Navy

My wireless internet connection seems to be working for the moment, so I’m going to attempt a quick post while we are here in Great Lakes.

The quarterdeck of the Navy.

I’m surprised Im not lost on one of the MANY installations this place has. There seems to be a gate on every corner. I have counted three NEX’s, I’m thinking there might be even more.

I’ve sort experienced “culture shock”, as we weave in an out of this most Navy town. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on such a a large installation.

The purpose of our trip??

We’ll our oldest graduated from Boot Camp this past Friday. We decided to take our summer vacation late and have been wanderin around the area the past week causing the 11yr. old to already miss school. Welcome to life in the military.

Our former “recruit” is now officially “a Sailor” and the ceremony was really impressive. Lots of proud Mom’s and Dad’s and I was not alone in wiping away the tears. The lady next to me was extremely emotional and made it difficult for me to not loose total control and start what Oprah calls “the ugly cry”.

MedK will be here another 2 weeks and then after some leave time off to Oceana, VA.

We left 105 degree heat and were happy to find sunny skies and 80 degrees when we arrived. Today it is in the high 60’s and drizzling. I’m actually enjoying the break in the heat!

I have some photos to post, but that will be when I get back home.


2 Responses to “LIVE from the Quarterdeck of the Navy”

  1. 1 Titia 20 August, 2007 at 10:24 am

    I am looking for a site where I could adopt a soldier or something of that nature???? do you know anything about this? I am a single female in south Louisisana. I do not wish to become involved with a soldier, just have like a pen pal relationship and I would love to send goodie packages to someone serving over seas, who has no one back home writing him or sending him things. please email me at (edited out) or (edited out) and let me know what you find out!!! Thanks

  2. 2 Wendy 20 August, 2007 at 7:37 pm


    Soldiers Angels is a great organization. I actually have a post about that further down.

    Here is that link:

    I just received a letter today from “my Hero”, my first.

    I highly encourage you to adopt a service member. Soldiers Angels services all the branches, not just “Soldiers”.

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