Last Friday of the Summer

Challenger British Soccer CampIt’s been a great long summer. Our last summer was spent PCS’ing and the summer before that BigK was at sea, so this really has been our first summer in awhile where we were free to do whatever we wanted or nothing at all.

We have had lots of family come and visit during the month of July. Both sets of parents, plus my grandparents will be here on Tuesday along with one of my aunts and her two kids. I suppose all the visits have something to do with Big K getting ready to leave soon.

We…well I mean me ….finally made it down to Beale Street. Twice. We also splurged for our anniversary and went to Texas de Brazil for dinner. It was a great experience…..amazing!

Highlights for LilK included golf and british soccer camp and many trips to the library. Movies and more movies, golfing and relocating / redecorating his room. Plus, we spent part of the summer in baseball. They played all the way into mid June.

Lots of hammock time. (which I think when it hit 1 Aug summer finally arrived here because it has been HOT ever since!).

Read several books to include: Shopaholic and Baby, Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage and The Road.

Soccer practice and school both start on Monday. Time has gone by so fast it seems, and knowing BigK will be gone next summer made everything we did this summer extra special.

Our “summer vacation” we are actually taking late since we are going to Chicago next week for MedK’s graduation. We’ll be gone for about a week. What a great way to start school LilK will miss 3 days. I was in Chicago last Jan. so it will be wonderful to go back and not be frozen all the time. I’m excited to share the city with BigK since he has never been. I won’t drag him to the Oprah show (since she is probably on vacation somewhere), but I will drag him to the RL Restaurant and a baseball game. I think he will actually enjoy both of those. We are spending Sat with MedK and we are planning on Six Flags.

We took LilK to get is 1st ever military id card today. He’ll need it to get into the graduation they tell us….he was just thrilled. Now if we can just make sure it doesn’t get lost. It is currently in my wallet.

The school clothes bought, new shoes, a high and tight haircut and today I picked up a pack of socks and new briefs for him. Sometimes I wonder how parents with 3 and 4 children budget school supplies, clothes etc. That doesn’t even count soccer cleats, socks, etc. I will say soccer is cheaper than baseball. That was a whole lot more $!

So as the dog days of summer come to an end, I’m reminded of some of my favorite summers as a kid. I hope LilK had a great summer and remembers it as one of his best. Next summer will be a lot different. I’ll be saving vacation time for when BigK gets back. But over Christmas break, I think we will definatley have to plan a trip. Just not sure where yet.

Cheers to the end of the summer! It’s been a whole lot of fun!


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