Adopt a Hero!

Yesterday I read a post over at by Grim. He and I have chatted via email over a post he did on an old Army boss of mine. I try to check in over there whenever possible.

We’ll, in a recent post he wrote about Soldier’s Angels having been just been assigned 3,000 Marines who need our help and support.

I decided to sign up. I filled out a form online and soon received a phone call to verify my existence, inform me of the rules and requirements. Just one letter and one package a month is required, for the length of my Hero’s deployment. I’m hoping to send more than that.

I now have the name and address of my “Hero”. I’m already thinking of things I am going to send. You can get to the Soldiers Angels website here

If you have been thinking “what can I do?”….start here!

One Thousand Two Hundred Marines (yes! 1200) [no! make that 3000 as of Thursday afternoon] from the Fighting 13th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) have been submitted to Soldiers’ Angels for support.

The Marines may be looking for a few good men, but we are looking for a lot of great citizens who are willing to help support these men and women. Some of these marines are on the fifth deployment in defense of our nation.

We need Angels to adopt as many marines as possible. We need many more patriotic citizens to sign up to become Angels to adopt some fine marines. Please help us support these men and women.

NOTE: I also learned “Soldiers” Angels is just not for “Soldiers”. You can be an Angel to a Sailor, Airman, Coastie or Marine.

I’ll have my own hero over there sooner than I care to admit, I’m in heavy denial it seems (more on that later). I figure when I’m at Sams or Costo buying bulk beef jerky and crystal light packets I can divide the goodies in two.


2 Responses to “Adopt a Hero!”

  1. 1 Uma and Wil 1 August, 2007 at 3:36 am

    Hi, Wendy!
    Thank you for your kind words. I am determined to make the most of our stay in Germany and won’t let it got to me. Because of you, I’ll be adopting a Hero today, so thank you! I don’t know much about the Navy and submarines, so your blog is going to be very educational as well as entertaining. Keep in touch!

  2. 2 Wendy 3 August, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    Oh that is awesome! I’m excited to have adopted a Hero…..I actually picked up a few things for my first care package today at the commissary and bought my first ever Marine Times. It was a little strange. Thanks for heading over here…..great to hear from you.

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