I must be losing my mind…

Have you ever thought you could be losing your mind?

Well, in an installment in the “I must be losing my mind” series, I bring to you this story:

A few days ago while at the exchange I’m browsing. I remember when I NEVER ventured into the housewares department of a store. This was about the time I was wearing white shorts and tank tops as part of my regular dress code. You would find me in the clothing department, or shoe department, but looking at dishes, or the coolest shower curtain?? Never.

I digress, back to the exchange shopping without kids or husband. I’m blissfully wandering about and end up in the towel section. I found myself looking at bath rugs. I “feel” a couple of different ones, analyze way to long about which one to get, and of course “Do I really need one”. I determine, “yes, I do!” So, then I proceed to imagine which color would look best in my 11 year olds bathroom. His is truely worn out and almost see thru in parts because it’s been laundered and well….used.

So, I pick out the bath mat. Happy with my selection, I take my other purchases and finally check out.

I come home and toss the bag of goodies on the love seat couch we have in our bedroom, with every intention to later place in the upstairs bathroom. I’m convinced a person really shouldn’t really have a couch, desk, chair or anything that could later become a clothes rack or collecting station for things that should be put away. I’m most guilty of this.

A few days go by.

And then one day I go into our bathroom, and the little bath rug that is in front of our walk-in shower is gone and a new one is in it’s place. Hmmm….I like it. Then I realize, that is the new bath rug for LilK. The husband has put it there, thinking of course “it goes there” and no doubt tired to staring at the Aafes bag on the love seat.

I then walk into the “water closet” part of our bathroom. What do I notice?? A bath rug, that looks like EXACTLY like the one I just bought. Hmmmm. I guess, I must really like that bath rug.

I then decide to finally put the “new” one where it should go. I pick it up and carry it to the bottom of the stairs where I yell, “Lik K come get this bath rug, and put yours in the trash can in the garage please”.

Fast forward to the next day.

We come home from the movies and I’m throwing away soda cups in the trash can. I open the lid, and what do I see?

Yep, you guessed it. The “new” bath rug.

“Lil K, I said to put this rug on your bathroom floor, not throw it away. Why is it in the trash? It’s brand new.”

That’s when he tells me, “I have one just like it in my bathroom”.

So, yes.  I bought the same bath rug 3 times!

Same type, same color, same size.



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