Leaving the Nest

Empty nest syndrome, I’m not sure if we have that around here….but what I do know is that we are pretty close. Our oldest has been out of high school for over a year. In planning for his “leaving the nest”, we have always told him, he would have three choices:

1. A Job

2. The Recruiter

3. The Dorm

We’ll after a year of a buddies couch, the grandparent’s couch and back home, he finally picked one. We’ll he actually picked about 9 months ago, but his “date” finally arrived.

Last Friday, Big K dropped him off at the MEPS (I’m not sure if that is the correct way to say that??). It was pretty intense up until “the day” since we were still trying to get last minute paperwork finished, negotiate his “job”….etc. It all finally came together, with one phone call….”He’s leaving tomorrow”, that was that. A trip down there in the morning at by 6pm that night we was in Chicago. MediumK is officially in the Navy.

One our friends from church actually works there so she was able help with the process and her and Big K killed some time chatting in between paperwork signing… so that was nice.

I asked BigK, “So, how was it….did you do ok??”. He replied, “Oh, I did just fine…..that is until I was in the car and then yes….I sort of had my own mini-breakdown”. I think when it’s time for LilK to “leave the nest”, I am going to have to be sedated. I’m hoping by then, I’m much more prepared!

It is really such a relief to know Med.K is on the road to “something: vs. just “hanging around”. There were lots of times when we just weren’t sure what road Med.K would take….and we were hoping he would pick something that would make him happy. He seemed geniunely excited and was actually walking around the house with a “Navy” ball cap on before he left. That is a good sign Im thinking.

We’ve have since talked him…..well….relayed a message….more on that next time.

“Boot Camp Communication When Your Dad is the Navy”


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