Flash Back Friday

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Flashback Friday

BG David D. PhillipsIn the Someone You Should Know Series:

I’ve been wanting to post about this for a long time and just haven’t made the time….so today, I am finally going to sit and write about this old boss of mine who recently came across my radar.

Back in 90-92, I worked as a GS civilian for Army CID. I had a couple of different positions within the same command. One day the XO, CPT Dave Phillips told me he I would need a drivers license in order to drive an official govt. vehicle around. Well, this was Frankfurt, Germany and I had survived quite nicely for close to 2 years without driving. I was happy to ride the U-Bahn to work everyday or take a bus. It was easy, nevermind I was petrified of German drivers and thought for sure I would fail the 50 International Road Signs portion. It was no secret I was afraid to take the test.

Long story short, I took the test, passed, and a short time later I was driving around the streets of Frankfurt in a Govt. POV. The job really didn’t require to much driving and I always suspected he knew of my fear and just wanted to help me overcome it. That is just the kind of person he was. Im not sure if I would have eventually gotten my license, what I do know is that if I hadn’t then I would have never been able to experience driving my new little 325i on the Autobahn.

I remember my old XO as someone who always cared about his soldiers, his civilians and was genuine, funny and very fit. In fact I gave him an old bike of mine. I had gotten a new mountain bike and I gave him my old 10speed blue bike. He rode it home to Bad Vibel and was freaked out the next day because he said he about killed himself going down one the large hills home…..the breaks gave out. oops. Not good.

When my best friend’s husband (we had all been in GE at the same time) was injured in Iraq a couple of years ago, who was the person that visited him in the hospital? Col Dave Phillips.

Just the other day, she shared with me some other awesome news.

Our old XO CPT Phillips was now Brigadier General Phillips. He is currently in Iraq and the highest ranking police official.

I read in his bio that is wife Dawn has gone back to nursing. I remember her teaching a group of us young wives how to make stained glass. He had showed me some glass they collected from an old German guard tower in East Germany. She was also so nice and genuine.

If having an 11 year old doesn’t make me feel old, this sure does.

I was thrilled to hear he had been selected for BG!

Here are a couple of informational links.

Also an interview/podcast.

Read his 9/11 experience here. From Military Police

It was sometime around noon on 11 September, just a few hours after the plane slammed into the Pentagon, that I worked my way through the smoke-filled concession mall area. The scene was surrealistic. The emergency lights flashed and the “big voice” repetitively announced, “An emergency has been declared in the Pentagon, please evacuate immediately.”


Through the smoke in the center courtyard, I saw Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4) Marshal McCants guiding General Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, straight to my location. (CW4 McCants was assigned to the protective services unit of the 701st MP Group and was the senior member of the general’s protective service detachment.) General Shelton asked for a situation report and requested that I take him into the impact area. I gave a quick rundown of the operation but advised against going into the area. CW4 McCants echoed my concerns–fires were still burning out of control. General Shelton nodded, shook my hand, and told me to pass on to “all” the MP that they were doing a great job.

(When I read this article I also noticed another name from the Frankfurt RA / District days CW4 Marshal McCants!)

Brigadier General David D. Phillips is certainly someone you should know!


6 Responses to “Flash Back Friday”

  1. 1 Dave Phillips 30 June, 2007 at 8:05 am

    Hey, I remember when you tested for your USAREUR driver’s license. I think of you and your family often. I hated making that phone call on 30 September 2004. I will never forget that day. I visit SSG Cunningham eveytime I am in Arlington. Well I’m back in Baghdad now and doing my best for our regiment. BTW – I really don’t like the General Officer Photo, I look a lot better in person!

  2. 2 Dave Phillips 30 June, 2007 at 8:11 am


    I confused you with the Mersch’s. SFC Mersch deployed with me in 2004 and was wounded in a rocket attack that killed his room-mate, SSG Darren J. Cunningham. I had to call and inform her that her husband was seriously wounded. How in the world did you ever remember me and Dawn? We are both doing fine, although she wasn’t too happy that I had to deploy back to Iraq once again. Dave Phillips I still don’t like the GO photo you posted. 🙂

  3. 3 Dawn Phillips 30 June, 2007 at 11:39 am

    Hi! This is Dawn Phillips! What a nice thing to write about my husband. Thankyou so much! We are both doing well. I’m glad you were able to get such a neat car! It means alot to hear how my husband has impacted on other people’s lives. Other people, like you, have sure made our lives richer and happier by just knowing you. God bless you, Dawn

  4. 4 Wendy 5 July, 2007 at 7:53 am

    How fantastic to have you BOTH leave me a comment!!! Yes, Mel shared with me how you were there in an unimaginable situtation and how it really helped her get through it. Her and I still in keep in contact after all these years, and sometimes I know she wanders over here and takes a read. As for “how did I remember you and Dawn?”, well you both are pretty unforgetable. 🙂 I loved my time in Germany. Part of that was the traveling opportunity, however the majority of the reason was the chance to meet and connect with such great folks, like the two of you and the Mersch’s. Be safe & God Bless!

  5. 5 Carolyn 23 July, 2007 at 11:17 am

    Hello Gen and Dawn!! Talk about a blast from the past…. 1987 to be exact! Do you remember commissioning me in to the Air Force?? My last name was Moss then. Remember now? I heard from Lorie Moss that you made General and are in Iraq. I’m so proud of you and the whole family! As for me, I just retired as LTC from the AF so I didn’t do too badly! Would love to hear from you. Take care, stay safe, and God Bless.

  6. 6 Ken Cole 22 November, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Hey, Gen Rose, would have never thought in a million years to find you guys on Wendys blog site. It is good to see that old friends are doing so well. You still look like you did almost 20yrs ago. If you didn’t remember the name this is SFC Kenneth w Cole PSNCO.

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