Who is this Imus guy?!

(Side Bar – I think I must be reading Blackfive too much lately, since I usually do not comment on the news.  I did already once this week about the MSP report and here I am at it again.  I got to get back to the creative stuff.)

I had heard the name “Imus” before, but never “knew” who he was other than someone one TV / in the media.  Ive never listened to his program and really don’t understand the uproar.

I found this article by Mark Steyn (Chicago Sun Times) over at Trying to Grok, it makes a great point about rap music today.

So I don’t know whether calling the Rutgers basketball ladies “nappy-headed hos” is a mean old white guy’s racist slur or an artful parodic jest on the way black women are talked about by black men — or at least by the ones on the record charts. After all, the only way mean old white folks know the expressions “nappy” or “ho” is because they heard ’em from hip young black folks.

I really think more of an uproar should be made about the lyrics in these songs!  They are just terrible. When that rap song won the Oscar for Best Song, I remember seeing an interview with stars like Will Smith and others by Gayle King and their opinion.  They were happy this song won, it didn’t matter the content of the song.  It was a “win” for the black community.  I listen to Gayle on XM and she was upset about this Imus statement and did a whole segment on this subject, I had to turn the channel.  I don’t remember her in that interview on Oscar night being disappointed or “outraged” it took this type of song to win.  I don’t get it. 

When you celebrate the bad treatment of women, and then are outraged when someone else makes basically the same statement, I don’t get it.  Talk about a double standard.  Show people how you would like to be treated.  Lead by example.  

I think the Rutgers women got caught up in the media circus.  I imagine their first response was “who cares” or something similiar.  I think after reporter after reporter asked them if they felt “terrible”, “shocked”, “angry”, “fill in the blank here”….they started to let it affect them.  Sort of like the little kid who doesn’t feel that bad after a fall, but when the mom rushes over and makes a fuss, then the tears start to roll, the sobs start to come and then its uncontrollable crying. 

My message to the ladies.  Yes, what Imus said is terrible.  The bigger issue in my opinion is music lyrics.  Now that you have the platform, talk about the lyrics in black music and call for a change!! 


5 Responses to “Who is this Imus guy?!”

  1. 1 mismysailor 25 April, 2007 at 10:15 am

    WHAT…WHAT!!! “Black” music what does any of this have to do with “black” music. I don’t think what Imus said was racist, it was sexist. He felt the need to call a group of woman nappy headed ho’s just to make a joke and I believe he was caught up in the Micheal Richard and Mel Gibson backlash and got fired but somehow this conversation has gone from what he said to a conversation of lyrics. These are two different issues and the conversations have nothing to do with each other and that idiots assertion that hip young black people taught mean old white people nappy and ho is just stupid. I had never heard the word c-word (think of a saltine) until a white friend told me in 5th grade….does that give me the right to call white people that? That’s just stupid, stupid stupid!!!

  2. 2 Wendy 25 April, 2007 at 10:28 am

    Yes, I agree the comment was wrong, racist, uncalled for…..the point of my post is….the country goes crazy over this comment, however the media doesn’t seems to care about the videos out there that show black women and other women in soft-porn images, not to mention the lyrics in these songs.

    I’m a not saying his comments should be made light of, I am just wondering why the media doesn’t focus its attention on something better and bigger.

    I had found this article online that states my point.


    “The furor over radio host Don Imus’ inexcusable speech has yet to wane. Attention is shifting — rightly so — toward raunchy rap music. “…..

  3. 3 mismysailor 25 April, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    I get your point of why is it such a big deal what Imus said if rappers say it everyday but there are those (I’m not one of them) that took his comments as racist and like I said he got caught up in the Kramer and Mel Gibson backlash and was fired. My issue was the assertion that it’s a “black” music thing and because some rappers say those words in their songs we shouldn’t be offended when mean old white people say it too cause that’s how they learned it. I’m pretty sure if a rapper called out the Rutgers B-Ball team like that on a record that it would have been an issue for them the same way it was when Imus said it. Women have been used for yrs in videos but we’re not having this conversation about Motley Crue or any one else except rappers! If we’re going to start throwing stones and making judgements on music then we need to discuss it as a whole! The music industry has been making money off half naked women in videos way before hip hop became popular!

  4. 4 Wendy 25 April, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    I’m not saying because a rapper says one thing it makes it ok for everyone else to say it.

    We should be equally offended no matter who makes a statement that is terrible towards women. i.e. Imus, a rapper….etc.

    I had not seen some of these videos until recently. Have you seen any of them? On Oprah the other day, she showed a small clip and had to “blur” out part of the images since they looked like soft porn.

    A girl in a low cut top, even a bikini in a rock video is nothing compared to what I saw.

    These girls have on g-strings and other girls are rubbing them in places they shouldn’t.

    Frankly, I was shocked.

    The videos are at a whole other level. Wow. There is a reason I have MTV and BET blocked on my Dish. I can’t imagine my 10 yr. seeing stuff like that.

    Thanks for the debate. I don’t normal write about this type stuff on here.

  5. 5 mismysailor 25 April, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    I was disagreeing with the piece you added from the writer at the Chicago Sun Times than I was with you. To answer your question yes I have seen those videos and agree that they are disgusting. We rarely watch either of those channels and we for the most part don’t listen to the radio when the kids are in the car and when there is music on it mostly CD’s with music I download myself from Apple so I know they are saying. The debate over images in hip hop have been raging for yrs with no end in sight and as long as parents continue to give their kids money to buy those CD’s it’ll continue. It’s all about money and as soon as it stops selling the record executives will stop letting them do it but the problem is for right now SEX sells just about anything. I don’t know how we change it but I appreciate you letting me express myself on your blog. It was never about me thinking what you were saying was stupid…I think for the most part we agree with the sticking point being that I don’t think one conversation has anything to do with the other. Thanks debating with me! Now I have to go cook dinner so I can at least say I did something with my day except debate someone on her blog and read spousebuzz.

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