Oldest Sailor in the Navy to Retire

Navy’s Oldest Sailor Set to Retire


Despite my husband thinking HE is the oldest sailor in the Navy, I guess here’s proof he isn’t.  One of my favorite stories he told me once (well, ok probably a 100 times) while on patrol when dealing with young JO’s goes something like this:

Young JO:  Sr. Chief, we should be doing “this like this“!!

Sr. Chief McGrumble:  (with a look of annoyance) “What were you doing in 1987?” 

Young JO:  (…..after a long pause)  “…..um, I was in 2nd grade, Sr. Chief”

Sr. Chief McGrumble:  “We’ll, I’ve been doing this since 1987, so I think I know what I am doing!” 

(my paraphrasing)  I’m sure a few *!@! were thrown in for effect.


Back to business:

The Navy’s oldest sailor is set to retire. 

Watch the video to see this unique story.

Congrats MUCM Douglas Forziati, Thank You for your service!


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