Home Sweet Home

After two days on the road, I finally made it home around 8pm on Sunday night.  These past two days have spent getting caught up on sleep, work and email.  On Monday, I did surprise C. at school early.  We played hooky and fled school for lunch together and a movie.  We saw Bridge to Terabithia, which in my opinion is more for a 12 -13 year old and was a little heavy for a 10 yr. old.  (Im sure some parents might disagree.)  Our little one on one time was a ton of fun, I wonder if he will tell his kids one day about the time he and his mom took the afternoon off from work and school and went to lunch and movie, just the two of them. 🙂  This is the kind of memory I have of my grandparents, inviting me along on a day adventure into town for something as simple as grocery shopping.  But, it truely is one of my fondess memories.


On a different note:


Even though my travel day was a long one (7am to 8pm door to door), it was one filled with meeting some unique people.

At the El Paso airport, I met up with the group of Army soldiers who I had seen the day prior.  The soldier who had asked the ticket agent where my bag might be was waiting near my gate.  We ended up on the same flight.  He was headed to Iraq for a 4 months.  Another soldier I met was headed for 18 months, his 3rd tour and mentioned he would have 26 years in by 2009….then his plan was to get out.  His wife was ready to have him home.  I sat next to a different soldier who was headed to Ft. Leonardwood for SWAT school for 2 weeks.  Sitting in the window seat, I was able to sea Sierra Blanca / Ski Apache from the air, that was pretty awesome.  On the flight from DFW home I had the dreaded “middle” seat.  Great.  The young man (probably 23-24) on my right flying in to test drive a truck he was planning on buying.  Another man sat to my left, professionally dressed – tweed sport coat, pressed jeans….he turned out to be a defense attorney flying in for a court date regarding a high profile murder case in the area.  Wow.  Interesting.  I couldn’t help but glance at his laptop while we were in flight.  (I think American Airlines had crammed as many seats possible into their planes.)  His email topics included terms like “DNA Findings and Autopsy Results”, yikes!  I just had to inquire on his reasons for travel.  Most times I keep to myself of the flight, but since I was so sleep deprived I thought for sure if I didn’t keep myself awake I would fall asleep, might even snore or even worse talk in my sleep.  So I read….and managed a little small talk with my airplane row mates.  It was worth it…made the time go by faster.

Now that I am back home, I find myself recovering from an emotionally draining trip.  Yesterday and today were complete recovery days.  Tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym and getting back into the groove.

Oh….I have the two email address of the soldiers going to Iraq, I plan on emailing them since believe it or not those are the only two guys I know personally over there.  Im hoping I can get C.’s class to write letters to them.

Thanks for reading…..this was a long one.


2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. 1 Anne Ivy 28 February, 2007 at 9:26 am

    From what I’ve gathered, Disney’s trailer promotes “Bridge to Terabithia” as a kid’s adventure/fantasy flick, whereas in fact it’s more of a coming-of-age drama/tragedy.

    One reviewer said kids left the theater looking like their dog died.

    It hacks me when a trailer is cunningly crafted so as to make a movie appear to be THIS sort of film, when in reality it’s actually this OTHER sort of film.

    I’ve been caught by deceptive trailers before and it really frosts my cookies. >:^(

  2. 2 Wendy 28 February, 2007 at 9:57 am

    My thoughts exactly. The movie even had me tearing up in parts….way to heavy for a 10yr.old. Usually, I check the movie reviews on family.org, but didn’t this time. Guess I won’t make that mistake anytime soon. If I had read the review, Im certain we would have skipped this movie in the theatre and rented it on NetFlix….in a couple of years. Darn Marketers!

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