Flight Status – Delayed

Have you ever had a plane to catch, and then forgot to check for flight delays?  

Rule #1 when traveling:  Don’t forget to check for flight delays.  What was supposed to be a 930am departure, has now turned into a tentative 215pm departure.

My day started with a 0300 wakeup call (yawn), my SM’s (Step-Mom) flight left at 630…..so it has already been a long day.  I didn’t even think to have my dad hang out for a bit to make sure my flight was on time.  Imagine my surprise when I learned my flt had been delayed until 215! 

No problem, I thought, I’ll take a cab to the mall or the base (Ft. Bliss is right across from the airport).  I went to the information counter and was told the average cost of cab ride to the base was $15-$20 and $25 to the mall, one way of course.  So, I thought I’d check out the rental car counters and see what they had to offer.  My first choice, and who I thought would be the cheapest, “Dollar” hooked me up for $16.99 a day (plus tax).  Yes, you read that right, $16.99.  Under $25 with all the taxes, airport fees….blah blah blah.  So, I am the proud driver of a white PT Cruiser for the day.  A girl can’t beat that.  Since I had already checked my suitcase, I have opted for the base vs. the mall.  I really don’t need to buy anything…..but you know how that goes.  I drove over to Ft. Bliss and they now have a new gate from a year ago.  It used to be you had to go through a gate on the I10 side of El Paso to get a visitors pass vs. just go through the gate that was right across the street from the airport.  The new gate is really nice and they have a new memorial up of a Buffalo Soldier.  So an hour later, here I am at the Food Court at Ft. Bliss.  It is very busy for a Saturday morning.  I have seen a ton of Canadian forces wandering around, 3 Navy sailors and of course lots and lots of Army guys.  There is this one family having lunch, both of their kids (a little boy about 5 and a little girl maybe 7) who have on desert camis like dad.  Too cute.

Flight update:  AA website now says Flight Status – Cancelled (not good)

By 1030 I had walked through the PX and the entire walkway here with all the vendors, bought two new dog tags with our new telephone # on them for the pups, a pair of sunglasses for C. and found a Red T-shirt that says (I Support the Troops) Red Shirt Friday – till they all come home.  The exchange/PX sells Mac notebooks here, so excited.  C. is lucky I did not have my exchange cc, otherwise I would have bought one.  Since my notebook’s screen was damaged, I’ve been researching and have decided that is what I want.  I’m on C.’s computer now…..and I can’t wait to have my own notebook with more than half a working screen.  I haven’t put all my work files on this computer, so I’m always having to go back and forth between the two to get files…..etc.

Fight Update – All Flights Cancelled into DFW

Ok, time to pack up!  Ciao!

Update:  512pm
Well, when I arrived at the airport, it was mayhem.  There was even a TV crew filming all the disgruntled passengers.  DFW was closed due to high winds.  I think I would be great at the Amazing Race, as long and I wouldn’t have to eat anything gross.  In true AR fashion, I went to the front of the HUGE line (they had a self-service koisk) to ask where my bag might be that I checked at 0800 this morning.  The ticket agent was not happy with me and said “I was making my own line.”  There was a soldier in front of me with the ticket agent, he saw my Dep. Id and said hi.  I told him I only had a question and he said, tell me your question and I’ll ask for you.  So, the soldier asked the ticket agent where I might find my bag and the ticket agent told him, but I could tell agent wasn’t very happy about it.  I was able to get my bags, had C. re-book my flight (via phone) and get back on the road in less than 30 min.  There was a HUGE line at the AA ticket counter.  I kept telling people to re-book via phone.  It’s amazing the attitude of people when set backs like this happens.  Some were frustrated and not happy at all, the lady behind me (in my newly created line) was not upset at all when I told her all DFW flights were cancelled…..she just picked up her phone and started making calls and said to me “no need to get all upset, I’ll just fly tomorrow”.  One lady told me “what am I supposed to do?  I don’t have a credit card.”  I told her she would probably have to say at the airport overnight.  She looked devistated.  She was probably in her early 40’s.  Wow.

I’m now back in Alamo.  (deep sigh) It has been a LONG day, I hope the weather gets back to normal.  Im schedule to fly tommorrow.


1 Response to “Flight Status – Delayed”

  1. 1 Melanie 26 February, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    well you definitely made the best of the day. I got stuck in San Diego for two days a few weeks ago, and that airport just isn’t big enough to wander around that long :\

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