A Year Ago…

This post has been in my draft section.  Originally started on:  Jan 19, 2007

A year ago the husband was at sea.  I remember thinking at the time that shore duty seemed too far away to imagine.  During that underway, potentially his last before retirement, we were going through the stress of waiting for orders, deciding on when we should put our house on the market, home improvement projects…etc.   My grandpa had just went home to be with the Lord.  Getting that call in the middle of night, and trying to figure out flights, red cross messages, delegating work projects…..I remember it all being so overwhelming. 

I know I am not alone out there with stories like this……military wives give birth, houses get bought and sold, sick children get cared for, households are run and so much more all with their husbands underway, deployed, in Iraq or Afganistan in harms way.

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you if your husband is at sea and shore duty / off crew / leave seems like an eternity away and it seems like you just can’t do it.  Well, guess what….you can!  🙂 (and be stronger, smarter, and more resourceful than you ever thought possible!) My prayer is that you have many little precious moments in time that make this navy life all worth while.  Like recently when I found myself at the mall amist the 70% off sales everywhere, the husband able to get off early and pick up our son from school….and here’s the fun part….on the motorcyle.  Husband said he was all smiles and so excited to get to “ride” home.  Husband heard one of Chris’ buddies say, “wow, you are so lucky to get to ride on that bike” and Chris replied, “yea, it’s pretty cool.” 

Shore Duty brings lots of changes, but gosh…..little moments like this one are priceless.  I feel sort of guilty when so many of our troops are in Iraq and Afg. in harms way, my prayers are with them.  With so many of our military fallen in the war, it makes we want to live that much more in an effort to say thank you for their supreme sacrifice.

It’s the little things that make life sweet.  I thank the Lord for today and for the husband being home.  Finally.


1 Response to “A Year Ago…”

  1. 1 The Husband 16 February, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    After spending the majority of my adult life in the Navy I have learned to appreciate the small things. A three minute motorcycle ride with my youngest, lunch with my wife and since all my sea time was onboard a submarine feeling the rain on your face can be moving. I have missed so much in my 20 + years, birthdays, ball games, anniversaries, Christmas’, things I will never get back. But if I had to do it all over again I would have bought the bike sooner, that way my 19 years son could have the memories as the 10 year old. Other than that I would not change a thing.

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