Aboard a Boomer


Online Town Hall Meeting:
Aboard a Boomer with Master Chief Michael Stefurak and his wife Tracy


David Wanger in Richmond, VA Asks: What are the sleeping quarters like on the sub?

Michael Stefurak: the enlisted E-6 and below live in nine man berthing areas, the CPO’s have there own berthing and officers have staterooms

bittenbinder asks: I served with EMCM when he was an E6 on the Bluefish. I wanted to say hello and congrats on pending retirement. Civilian life will agree with you.

Michael Stefurak: Thanks John

Brett_Newton asks: Are their any female crew members on your sub right now?

Michael Stefurak: no

Nadasha asks: My son is on the USS Tuscon, I e-mail him but he doesn’t respond does that mean he can’t . Is there some place you can go and chat with other navy families?

Michael Stefurak: E-mail is not available on all submarines. And even if it is, there are times where you cannot transmit. As far as talking to other navy families, there are lots of chat rooms on Navy sites for spouses, retired, etc. – there are lots online opportunities to talk. As far as local, there are lots of spousal support groups for every ship.

D_mac05 asks: Do you know anything about what the duties of Officers on the sub area?

Michael Stefurak: sure – an unrestricted line officer runs the engineering plant and then he will qualify for office of the deck where he then runs the entire submarine. Then you have one supply officer who just takes care of repair parts and food service.

squared asks: I once heard a story of a nuclear submarine that supplied a pacific island with electric power after a major storm. Have you heard this and is it true?

Michael Stefurak: yes – it has been done.

mac05 asks: As I have been in the Navy for only 3 months going to school, I don’t know much about the ships. What is it like to leave your wife home for 6 months while on your tour?? ( I am married)

Michael Stefurak: The first time is probably the hardest due to it being unknown. To assist his wife, I encourage you to get her involved with the spouse groups and she needs to communicate with her family and friends a lot. Tracy says that she should try to find a wife of a service member in the same division.

rhyme_recka asks: I am 16 years old and I was looking into the military field specifically submarines , what are some professional jobs that I could do when I get out the service that relates to a submarine or does the military pay for schooling in the future?

Michael Stefurak: The submarine force has a lot of high tech electronics, computers and nuclear power which all translate to good civilian opportunities. And there are programs to assist with post service college. You may want to look into these opportunities with a local recruiter.

jquiles asks: Does a submarine crew have access to the internet?

Michael Stefurak: When we are in port, yes. While at sea, there are programs in the works to give us that ability to get e-mail.

ex-hawk asks: How do you control the temperature and humidity inside the sub?

Michael Stefurak: We have air conditioning and heating systems. And the air is very dry. Which is contrary to what you would think underwater.

darryl841 asks: How do you keep up with sports teams and daily news?

Michael Stefurak: We receive news periodically – sometimes it is every day but we get the major news updates – they are send to ships via radio.

NSCC E-2T Hastings asks: How do you do your laundry on the sub?

Michael Stefurak: We have two washer and dryers and they probably run about 20 hours a day. And enlisted men do their own laundry. The officer’s laundry is done by the cooks.

tarheeljeff1983 asks: Do you all celebrate holidays while aboard the sub, much like on shore?

Michael Stefurak: We celebrate holidays the same way and make the best you can. When we were underway for Christmas, the cooks onboard made special meals, we had a gift exchange and hung up decorations.

maricarol asks: Do you have access to religious services and activities on the ship?

Michael Stefurak: We have lay leaders to lead worship services on sundays

BHaskin asks: What is the biggest change in the submarine service that you have seen?

Michael Stefurak: The submarine service has become much more professional.

Andrew Meehan in Chapel Hill NC asks: What outside of the submarine can you actually see while submerged?? Other ships, sealife, etc.??

Michael Stefurak: Only if you are very shallow, you can see out the periscope, but once periscope lowered – no.

Tom Reddy in Gaithersburg MD: Is there any way that someone like myself, a non VIP and non family member, can take a cruise on a submarine — especially a nuclear one, similar to the way VIP and family members do?

Michael Stefurak: talk to your local navy league if there is one in your area, if there isn’t a local navy league almost any any group can get a tour by contacting a local navy base.


For the complete CSPAN article click here


4 Responses to “Aboard a Boomer”

  1. 1 Bubblehead 10 February, 2007 at 8:39 am

    Good find… I’m stealing it!

  2. 2 babyboomerqueen 10 February, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    …thanks for the info…I can’t stand to be on/in a big ship like that…I get claustrophobic…so it was good to see it thru your eyes!
    Smiles and world peace,

  3. 3 Chris Chandler MM1(SS) Ret. 13 February, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    When was this done? You can also see EMCM Stefurak on one of the Discovery Military channels shows about submarines, I believe it is called “Life of a Boomer”. It was filmed on board the USS Wyoming SSBN 742(Gold) Dec99-Mar00, where EMCM and myself where assigned.

  4. 4 Wendy 14 February, 2007 at 7:56 am

    Chris, if you head on over to Bubbleheads blog, http://bubbleheads.blogspot.com/2007/02/from-c-span-archives.html

    He has some more detailed info on this article.

    Thanks for visiting.

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