Oprah Show Taping #1

Today’s Oprah

Details of our visit to the Oprah Show taping 1/25:

Once the show starts, it really does not stop for 2nd takes or break for any length of time….other than to reset the stage.  I was very impressed by that.  No stopping for blupers….I’ll get to that later.

Show Topic:  Millionaire Mom’s  (Yea!  Thank you Lord it was not something terrible).

This show consisted:

1.  Fashion (a bridal fashion show) – Amsale
2.  Shoes (Crocs and Jibbitz)
3.  Mom entrepreneurs (see Oprah’s site for the products)
4.  We even got food!  Paula Dean cooked with Oprah.  We had pound cake and fried chicken.
5.  A satilitte interview with “The Queen”, Helen Miren (that already showed on Tuesday as part of the Oscar special). 

What more could a girl ask for!!   Thank you Oprah!

The guests were are all great and when Paula and Oprah cooked, Paula dropped a small glass bowl into the mixer and pound cake mix went everywhere!  It was too funny, I wasn’t sure if they would re-shoot….they didn’t….so you will see it just how it happened when it airs!

By the way, Paula Dean was there with her husband and her sons……they all look so happy, like they actually get along!  What an inspiration she is.  If you don’t know Paula Dean, she is a rags to riches story, a single mom who started a catering business delivering sandwiches by her boys and it turned in a famous restaurant in Savannah (The Lady and Sons) and shows on Food Network.

One the way out we were each given a FREE pair of Crocs!  Thank you Crocs
A set of Jibbitz (that go on the crocs), in the shape of hearts with “Oprah” (of course) imprinted on them.
A set of digital day counters (a little digital clock that counts time up – for you to put on a jar in your refrigerator to remind you when exactly you first opened it – what a great idea!)

Although, Im sure Oprah did not know I was in the audience, I certainly felt inspired and blessed to be there both by the topic and the whole experience.  My mom and grandmother definately had a “dream come true” by being there.  It might surprise you to read I am not an Oprah fanatic.  Just like with anything in life, you have to take the good with the bad.  Although I do not agree with many things Oprah says and does, I am not here to judge.  I believe God can use each of us to reach others and despite our imperfections.  So, while I experience the good and bad, I pray the Good Lord blesses me with the wisdom to know the difference.  I do appreciate all she does to inspire all of us and to give back to the world.

The feeling I got from her was one of being all business (when it came to the technical side of filming), genuine and funny.

Next details on Oprah After the Show…..


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