Oprah Pre-Show Taping Highlights

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This post is all about our visit to the Oprah Winfrey Show.  We attended two tapings last week, here are the details:

Jan. 25th / Thursday
Afternoon taping
The Oprah Show normally tapes 2 shows a day, one at 9am and one at 1pm.  We attended the later show.  We took a taxi from our hotel (The Inter Continental – Michigan Ave.) to Harpo Studios.  It was about a $10 cab ride with a great sightseeing trip along the way.

There was already a line when we arrived at 1030, (we were told to be there between 11-1130).  Oprah was nice enough to have the area where you wait covered, so even though it was cold you weren’t “out in the elements”, it was more like a tent like structure.

Once inside you have to stand in a snake like line to get your coat checked and any camera or cell phone you forgot to leave behind.  They check your id and then have you sign a waiver (to be on TV of course) and then ask a question for an up coming topic.  Our was “What’s your question for Dr. Oz”?  Stumped it took me awhile to come up with one.  I asked, “Can stress determine the sex of a baby?”.  I asked this question because it is well known men on submarines after there 1st underway don’t normally have boy babies.  Wierd, I know….you would think it could be related to a ton of reasons, but the most popular “Navy Answer” is it is stress related.  I probably should have picked something more generic or cute, like the guy sitting next to me asked and got picked, “Is Love a Drug?”.   😦

Once you do all that, they have a waiting area (audience green room) with chairs and huge a plasma tv that plays Oprah highlights.  Huge posters of various famous guests (Nelson Mandela, Julia Roberts, former Pres. Clinton, the Biggest Baby Shower from Ft. Campbell) line the walls.  There is plenty of time for bathroom breaks and a water cooler if you get thirsty.  The staff was so nice.  There was an older lady and gentleman who handled the crowd of women and a few men.  I couldn’t help but notice a lot of people were upset at the wait, which I didn’t understand…..did they think we would all storm the studio like when you go to a concert??  The studio space is fairly small so get 300 plus people organized and processed through takes some thought and planning. 

When it gets about 1145 we are called by numbers to enter the studio for seating.  We were 125 I think…..and we arrived at 1030, if you want a higher # I would suggest arriving at 10 or maybe even 945.  They really try to make an effort to sit your party together, but we were separated when we made a bathroom break, so my mom and grandma sat on one side of the studio and me and marie on the other.  I think our seats were actually better, but my mom got to shake Oprah’s hand…..twice…..so I think she got the better deal.

Once you get inside the studio it, as you might imagine, is not as big as one might think.  The chairs where Oprah sits is actually only about 30 yards from the entrance.  Very intimate and cozy.

They go through an audience warm up that is done by someone from the audience dept.  You also have the opportunity to ask questions at this time.  That lasts about 15 or so.

When it’s time for Oprah to come out, they simply say “Oprah’s on her way”, and then you see her.  The audience of course went wild and since my mom was sitting next to where she walked out, she got to shake Oprah’s hand.

After a few hello’s and small talk, the music is qued & the show starts……

more in Part 2


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