Say a simple Thank You!

Say ThanksAfter many trips through the airport the past 6 months and seeing men and women in uniform I always had the feeling “I should say something”, but didn’t.  As a person who tears up at Hallmark commercials, I was fearful I would tear up while trying to get my words out and then just make a fumbling mess of the situation.

This time was different.

I was ready and anxious to see some of our Heroes, prepared with a simple, “Thank You for Your Service.” and a handshake.  I figured even I couldn’t mess that one up.

I met 5 soldier Heroes during my two trips to the airport this past week and was able to do just that.   4 male and 1 female, all were so polite, and most seemed a little startled but very gracious.  “Thank You, Ma’am” was one response.  “Glad to do it”, was another.  A simple gesture, and I am so glad I didn’t let the moment slip by.

For me, seeing a soldier in uniform is a humbling experience.  Since if you think about it, they are likely on their way to Iraq or Afganistan, home on leave from Iraq / Afg, or even better headed home after finishing their deployment. 

I am convicted in the feeling that while I was enjoying a new city, traveling, sightseeing, shopping there was a soldier, marine, airman, sailor on duty/watch who was probably in harms way, fighting a war that protects our freedom and our children/grandchildren’s future freedom. 

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you, if you are in the airport and are presented with the opportunity to meet one of these fine, often very young, heroes to not let it pass you by.  

A simple “Thank You”, I believe goes along way.

Matt over at Blackfive had this post on his blog that I read yesterday and I just had to mention. Sergeant in Afghanistan – Stop the BS and “Let’s Get It Done” – God Bless this SGT and bring him home safe.

To the troops:

Thank you for doing what you do, so me and my family can do what we do.


2 Responses to “Say a simple Thank You!”

  1. 1 Mel, also a sub wife 6 February, 2007 at 10:13 am

    I just returned from a trip, from Hawaii to Atlanta. The flight to Atlanta was filled with soldiers heading to Iraq, and I sat beside a 19 year old boy who just wanted to talk – he was excited, a bit anxious and very proud – I told him how proud I was of him. On the way back to Hawaii, I was surrounded by soldiers returning home – the atmosphere was thick, subdued – not what I expected of those that made it home safely, but the guy next to me lost many friends and he felt guilty for being the “stupid f—-” that made it (his words). My heart goes out to everyone who has gone over there, made the ultimate sacrifice or their life, or come home to always be haunted, or those that just made it through. They are true heroes, and should be told.

  2. 2 Wendy 6 February, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    Submitted by my great friend M. whose hubby is an Army MP and stationed at Ft. Hood:

    I have a story to share… we were going to the Schlitterbahn in New Bahnfels and ugh… I could smell smoke in the car. Great… now the car is broken down.. .NOT happy so A. (my hubby) took it to the station and a gentleman walked up to him and shook his hand and said… thank you for your service. A. said… you are very welcome… glad to serve. Then… he went to pay… and the guy behind the counter said… there isn’t a thing wrong with your car plus… the gentleman that shook your hand… left behind a $100 bill for you. A. came to the car in tears… I had NO idea what was going on… he sat in the car speechless (I’m teary right now writing this)… and I wondered… what in the world could rattle him like this… FINALLY he said the man who shook his hand and thanked him for his service to our county… gave him $100. Then… I was sitting there bawling… Poor M. (our daughter)… she wondered… had her parents REALLY lost it!?!?!? You hear of tearful (happy) stories, but to be part of them… is another story. We have NO idea who this person was… Hubby never mentioned he was in the service… we were just driving our N.D. plated car with DOD decal. The thank you was very touching (we NEVER hear thank you in this area since it is all military) since we’ve heard it so very few times in our life… and we were touched with the strong handshake and the thank you…

    If the person who gave us the money AND thank you is reading this post… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We cried buckets of tears (happy of course) from your generosity! Our day started so poorly with car troubles… but how could we ever imagine a thank you would save our day! Heck… a day?… still thinking fondly about the experience of a “thank you” years later!!


    One more recent story… when Hubby came home from Iraq on R&R… the plane full of folks let the soldiers off first and applauded… of course this brought him to tears… and me… just hearing it from him… of course, I was bawling as if I saw the folks applauding my very own hero!

    Submitted by my great friend M. whose hubby is an Army MP and stationed at Ft. Hood

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