Hair Can’t Wait – Oprah’s Waiting

Don’t you just hate trying to find the perfect hair stylist after moving?!  It takes weeks, months to find the right mix of talent, personality, therapist skills and most importantly humor  (it also helps if they have some idea of military life) in a hair stylist.  After going to the same wonderful salon back in Kings Bay for over 3 years I didn’t realize how much I would miss Sue.  I have been in TN for over 6 months now and have tried three different beauty shops in an effort to find another Sue.  So far, I am not having much luck.  Today, I am going back to the base beauty shop to give them one more try.  The B. Shop here has only one stylist and a receptionist that books appts. for both her and the Barber Shop which has 5 barbers!  On my past visits I have had to wait 30 min, 45 min and the last time I had to leave after a 40 min. wait.  What happened to customer service??  I suppose the reason I go back is, I really like the stylist Jewel and obviously price.  Jewel is great, Im just having trouble waiting 30+ min. to get in… appears to me the receptionist books her appts. to close together and she is behind from very early in the day.   

So, today my appts. at 1030, Im praying for the best.

6.jpg I suppose I could try someone new or the mall again (3rd time), but since I’ve decided to spend the $50 bucks or so Im saving on lunch at RL in Chicago (the Ralph Lauren Restaurant), I’ll have to grin and bear it.  A girl has to have her priorities.

Here is my solution:  Sue, can’t you move to Millington?    And Aafes, how about hiring a 2nd stylist!! 

Here I humbly go…….grrrrrr!  

Update:  9:58pm

As you read earlier I had a hair appt today to get ready for the big date with Oprah.  Hoping for the best, I was sure to arrive on time, even a little early.   The salon was already running 15 min late, which compared to the standard 30-45 min, isn’t that terrible.  Still I have hope.

Jewel did an ok job on my hair, love the hair cut and style…..just not the color job.  Sue where are you? 

When I got home I was cleaning out my purse and found a receipt from the last off base salon I visited.  The savings totaled $45.  Which brings me to my point…..(hesitantly)…the complaining will now cease…..that is until appx. 5 weeks from now when I have to go back and have to decide which is more important service or price?  Can’t I have both?

Grrrr.  Aafes, please please hire a second stylist!!


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